Dr. Cameron Montgomery, Editor & Creator @ Studio Dreamshare.

I started my media business in 2009.  The work I do has evolved over time from exclusively photography to cinematic videos of weddings and other large events, and now editing, digitization and organization of visuals and sound.  What I truly love about my business is using my skills- connecting with people, artsy creativity, digital media know-how- to make a living.  I love getting to know people and having the chance to capture the interesting moments of their lives.

Studio Dreamshare is branching out into publishing.  Do you want your manuscript edited by a professional? (3 years Editor-in-Chief of the Ottawa Journal of Religion, PhD, author).  Do you have a completed manuscript to publish? Email me.

I am always seeking collaboration opportunities to get my creative juices flowing.  The bigger, the stranger, the more ambitious, the better.  Contact me if you think we could work together.

Check out my upcoming science fiction novel: (link forthcoming!)