Studio Dreamshare is a studio gallery directed by Dr. Cameron Montgomery.  We are located at 18 Pembroke Street West  in Pembroke, Ontario.  Every month the gallery hosts an exhibition and correlating workshops, guest appearances, and events.  During the school year, Studio Dreamshare offers after-school programs for creative local youth, including art, music, writing and film.  Sign up now for summer Young Filmmakers Camp and Young Artists Camp.

Please check our calendar for upcoming and ongoing events and exhibitions.

Insta: StudioDreamshare

Facebook: Studio Dreamshare


July 15-19: Young Artists Camp (Senior)
Make art! Acrylic painting, mixed media, drawing.

August 6-12: Young Filmmakers Camp (Senior)
Write a screenplay.  Shoot your very own film.

August 19-23: Young Artists Camp (Junior)
Make art! Acrylic painting, mixed media, drawing.

Summer Young Writers Program: write, illustrate and publish a children’s book.  Day sessions July 6, 11, 20, 29, August 15.  4 spaces total available.

If you know an awesome kid who would thrive in an opportunity to get creative with some guidance and the right tools in a super supportive and fun environment, get in touch!
All programs cost $45/day+HST, materials included.



We use two methodologies: therapeutic and entertainment-style.  No Royal Conservatory, just music as a therapy for pleasure and relaxation, music for the goal of performing with one or more instruments/voice, or a blend of both.

One-on-one vocal coaching, or vocal/piano blend $30.00 for 30 minute sessions.

One-on-one guitar lessons $30.00 for 30 minute sessions.

One-on-one accordion lessons $30.00 for 30 minute sessions.