Changing Leaves and Changing Moods and Tinyhouse

It feels like Fall today.  That crispness in the air, that shivery energy that makes my hands hum, and my eyes are smiling more than usual, uncontrollably.  Everything gets colder and you would think that we would slow down but my legs want to run faster and faster, maybe to catch the last beams of summer sun before pumpkins and red leaves and steamy coffee and cozy socks take over.

I can feel that I am right at the cusp of many big changes in my life.  Is that true, or is it the pull of the season emerging in my consciousness from deep in my bones? I am thinking of buying a home.  A tinyhouse on the river in Pembroke if I get a job in town, and rural land for chickens and goats if I get a job out there instead.  The tinyhouse movement fascinates me so I am kind of digging exploring that whim right now.

Last night we shot the Skylight Drive-In for Blue Skies on Mars.  Gulping down coffee in the drizzling rain, breath steaming up the air, beautiful classic cars beaded with raindrops, the picture soft and bright on the big screen.  I got to shoot on sticks for the first time for the film (took me a few tries to get something I was happy with—I will be working double time at home on smooth panning) and the vibe at the shoot was perfect.  Low-key fun & retro.  What is it about making movies that is so exciting?

I am dreaming and dreaming about future projects. I am currently writing a screenplay for a horror movie about my favourite urban legend in Pembroke, the story of Buck Hill.  Storytelling onscreen is such a deeply satisfying creative outlet that it feels so good to be back into.  I used to make all these goofy film shorts when I was a kid, so what I’m doing now feels creative and exciting like it did when I was a kid, but now I have a more organized brain!

At some point when I am more settled I am thinking about hosting a film short camp for kids.  That would be awesome.

If I do buy a tinyhouse, I expect all the lovely people I miss to come and visit me.  Just not all at the same time. 😉  Wouldn’t that be a strange and fun adventure?


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