Seedy Little Joints at the Edge of the Universe

As my friends know, my latest obsession is solarpunk dreamscapes.  I’m currently painting a series of solarpunk cities in acrylic on 4×7 canvasses.  Solarpunk is a movement that aims to inspire hopeful green futures where life is sustainable and luxuriously automated through the powers of technology, human creativity and science.  No more carbon emissions, ocean trash, garbage food, and educational poverty.  Robots perform the labour of shitty jobs, eliminating the 5-day work week, leaving humans time to push ourselves to greater levels of intellectual ambition.

In solarpunk, the cheap mass-production consumerism-driven aesthetic of capitalism is replaced by a techno-futuristic, green, clean, economy of the commons.

Although this is where my attention has turned, there is still a special place in my heart for the aesthetic of cyberpunk: the mass, stinking, smoky, flashy, tarnished steel of the urban cityscape out of control, the toppling layers of crumbling human activity, the architecture of urban decay in a techno-futurist setting.

As I work away on A World So Small, my second novel set in the universe of The World After Series, I love to scroll through images of futuristic settings where my characters might hang out, meet a friend, go to relax, or have dinner.

On that note, here are some of my favourite recent finds of speculative art that I would describe as Seedy Little Joints at the Edge of the Universe.


Star Citizen concept art. (Source)


Concept art for the cancelled Star Wars video game, Star Wars 1313. (Source)


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