Goddess Activism

This morning I woke to the smell of the leaves turning.  Do you know that smell? The tip of my nose felt the tiniest kiss of frost, and as I breathed in deep I could feel the turning of the leaves in the back of my throat like a taste.  It’s like the leaves are musky and rotting so fast it smells like burning coals.

These arrived on my doorstep as well.


My book, Goddess Activism.

This book is a collection of my ethnographic work from 2013-2016, the research that earned me a PhD.  This monograph is much more interesting than my dissertation was though!  This book is a marriage of international political history and feminist theology, so if that sounds interesting to you, I encourage you to check out the book!  It is available at Chapters/Indigo bookstores, and you can order it on Amazon here.  I will also be holding book signing events in Ottawa, Toronto, and Pembroke where a limited number of copies will be available.

For a sample of what this book is about, I have made Chapter Three available for free download at Academia.edu here.  This book is intended to be enjoyed by radically creative, courageous, and clever artistic-types.  Through interviews and stories, I trace the rise of neo-fascism in our times and ultimately suggest fighting back with playful, artful, theatrical, and mystical responses.

In playful solidarity,

Cameron Montgomery (Dreamshare)

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