DIY Fairy Doors (For Stel and the Violin, the movie)

When you set your movie in a magical world, sometimes it can be difficult to find those big gorgeous pieces to really set the mood.  Why not make them yourself?  With a little inspiration and some creative junking, you got this!


We needed giant magical doors for Stel and the Violin.

First we found some interesting scrollwork-type elements at thrift stores and glued them to the doors: pictures frames, tacky plastic decorations, and even coasters. (Tanya found these doors in the Big Garbage Pickup! Yea!!)


Then my neighbour Paul helped out by cutting up some 1/4″ round that I picked out of a dumpster. 😎  I made life easier for us by blocking out where I wanted to lay it on the door with painter’s tape.


My brother found an old hollow door which he cut for the rounded head of the magical doors.  Trish, who is an angel, spent hours and hours gluing plastic flowers to the head.  Then she painted them all white, which is tedious, but it’s more fun when you are listening to show tunes.



When Trish left my mum came over and helped knock out the second coat.



I will post an update when we finish these up and get them installed on set! They’re going to look epic!



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