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The Story of Captain Politeness and Captain Rudeness, written and illustrated by Quinn Woollam








Lying Shards and Unthinkable are now available for purchase on Amazon.




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A World So Small and sequel Mercury’s Crossing are now available.







We did a limited run of prints for The Dinosaur Who Wanted to See the Sky (2018).




A limited printing of King Cookie the Farting Food Truck and the Food Truck Festival

(2018)  is now available.




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Goddess Activism (2017) available.  It was recently picked up by the Danish bookseller Saxo.  Read more about it here: Blog







Canadian Multiculturalism (2018)






Hadrian’s Wall cover shoot for Religion as a Category of Governance and Sovereignty, Eds. Trevor Stack, Naomi Goldenberg, and Timothy Fitzgerald, published by Brill.



Chat Perdu (2020)

World’s End (2020)

True Reflection (2020)

The Haunting of Cabin Four (2020)

ESL Handbook for Volunteers, Canadian Red Cross (2019)

Critical Religion Reader, Critical Religion Association (2020)

Tales of Emerald – An Unofficial Minecraft Adventure (2021)

Now accepting submissions for Ghost Stories of the Ottawa Valley (2020) and Traditional Recipes of the Ottawa Valley (2020)